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Nyko Shield accessories E3 2013 gallery

Nyko will be releasing 3 accessories for the Shield in the upcoming months, 2 of which are cases.  These might be a good alternative to the official NVIDIA released hard case for those interested in protecting their expensive investment.

It also looks looks like Nyko will be releasing a dock accessory as well which could be great for connecting the Shield to a TV for a more console like experience.

Case 1

Case 2




Demo Station “hands on”

I went to my local MicroCenter here in Dallas to check out the Shield demo station in person.  I found it located out in front of the PC hardware section.  There is a large video monitor that displays 6 games for the Shield including:

  • Sonic 4 Episode II
  • Shadowgun
  • Riptide GP 2
  • The Conduit HD
  • Expendable Rearmed
  • Real Boxing

Pushing any of the buttons launches the trailer for the game on the monitor.

I was disappointed to see that the Shield was locked under a case, I was hoping for some hands on experience to get a feel for what the system felt like.  The second disappointment was that the Shield was not actually displaying anything on the screen either.  Instead, the screen was off and only the monitor above played the previews.

Still, if anyone wants to experience what the device looks like in person, this is a great way to see it.


Shield Case Hands on

A lucky redditor managed to get the official Nvidia Shield case early and posted some great pictures and a video of the case.

Case Pictures